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78. IIRB Congress

20.03.2022 Beiträge aus dem IfZ auf dem 78. IIRB Congress, Mons 21. - 23.06.2022

Folgende Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter aus dem IfZ halten einen Vortrag:

Heinz-Josef Koch: Effects of different cover crops on soil structure and succeeding young sugar beet under contrasting N fertilization

Abel Barreto, Facundo Ispizua: Assessments of relevant leaf diseases in sugar beet variety trials by multispectral UAV imaging and artificial intelligence methods

Sebastian Streit: FarmerSpace – a trial field for digital crop protection in sugar beet production

Olga Fishkis: Environmental risks of mechanical vs. chemical weed control in sugar beet: soil erosion, soil fauna, toxicological risks, and CO2 emissions

Sebastian Liebe: Adaption of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus to Rz1 resistance in sugar beet

Roxana Hossain: Virus Yellows resistance screening

Christa Hoffmann: Storability of Virus Yellowsinfected beets

Folgende Poster werden aus dem IfZ präsentiert:

Jessica Arnhold, Facundo Ispizua, Dennis Grunwald, Heinz-Josef Koch: Leaf area index or ground cover: which parameter correlates better with sugar yield affected by row distance?

Christel Roß, Jonas Thies, Nicol Stockfisch: Diversity of crop rotations with sugar beet

Heinz-Josef Koch, Dennis Grunwald, L. Essich, R. Ruser: How much fertiliser nitrogen can we save through cover crop cultivation?

Henning Ebmeyer, Christa Hoffmann: Drought stress: growth, water consumption and water use efficiency of sugar beet genotypes

Stefan Paulus, Thomas Linkugel, Anne-Katrin Mahlein: How to compare weeding robots – a generalized scheme for recognition levels

Daniel Laufer, Erwin Ladewig: Importance of foliar active herbicides for weed control in sugar beet

Philipp Lottes, Daniel Laufer: Modern drone-based assessment of variety trials in sugar beet

Jonas Bömer, Stefan Paulus, Anne-Katrin Mahlein: Extraction and establishment of novel geometric plant parameters of sugar beet for variety description using 3D-data

Max Müllender, Edgar Maiss, Mark Varrelmann, Sebastian Liebe: Characterisation of a cDNA full-length clone derived from a Beet necrotic yellow vein virus P type population in Pithiviers (F)

Heinz-Josef Koch et al.: Plants helping plants: companion plants for aphid control

René Pfitzer, Mark Varrelmann, Michael Rostás: Establishment of a permanent rearing and nymphal instar characterisation of Pentastiridius leporinus

Simon Borgolte et al.: New resistant varieties can enhance integrated management of Cercospora leaf spot in sugar beet

Facundo Ispizua et al.: Multisensory model for early detection of Cercospora leaf spot in sugar beet based on UAV multispectral imaging, epidemiological and micrometeorological data

Facundo Ispizua et al.: Automatic detection of rhizoctonia crown and root rot affected sugar beet plants from orthorectified UAV images

Maurice Günder, Facundo Ispizua, Anne-Katrin Mahlein, Christian Bauckhage, Computer Vision Based Plant Cataloging and Data Framework for UAV Images

Abel Barreto et al.: The use of near infrared spectrometry to detect rhizoctonia root rot in sugar beet in the field

Gunnar Kleuker, Christa Hoffmann: Changes in sugar beet tissue strength during storage

Nelia Nause, Facundo Ispizua, Christa Hoffmann: Automatic cell counting and classification in sugar beet tissue using a microscope image clustering method



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