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Genotype related development of marc, betaine and sucrose

  • Autor/in: Bloch, D., C. Hoffmann
  • Jahr: 2004
  • Zeitschrift: Proc. 67. IIRB-Kongress, Brüssel
  • Seite/n: 369-374
  • Stichworte: Markgehalt, Zuckerrübe, Sorte, Standort, Zuckergehalt


Sugar beet genotypes which differ in yield and quality are expected to differ also with respect to the development of non-conventional quality parameters. These comprise among others betaine as an important component of harmful nitrogen and marc, representing the insoluble beet material. Beet material from five sugar beet genotypes harvested monthly from July to October at five locations was analyzed for the content of sucrose, glycine betaine and marc. Marc and betaine contents decreased in the beginning and showed a slight increase at the end of the growing period. Due to low soil moisture sucrose concentration was high already at first harvest, after rewetting of the soil it decreased followed by a period of accumulation again. There were significant differences between genotypes in terms of marc and betaine accumulation at final harvest. Both of them were positively correlated with sucrose concentration in different genotypes and at different harvest dates. These correlations are causally based on physiological relationships associated with yield formation.
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